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An Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP) is a qualified Retirement plan which offers unique corporatate & individual tax benefits, capital growth opportunities, and business succession options that no other employee benefit nor financial tool offers!

Our broad understanding of ESOP's "Win /Win" capabilities enables us to help you MAXIMIZE & BALANCE the benefits of your ESOP as a powerful corporate financial tool AND an employee benefit incentive.

To determine if an ESOP might be right for your company, please RANK the following ESOP "objectives" in the order of importance to you or the owners of your company. All information is COMPLETELY CONFIDENTIAL and will be analyzed SOLELY by PyraStar Pension Group staff to determine if ESOP is right for you.

Your response will immediately be sent to us and a benefit expert will be in touch with you shortly. Thank you for providing us with your information.

If you have a need for in-depth information we'll be happy to answer your specific questions. Contact Us

Find out if ESOP works for you.

Please rank the following ESOP objectives in order of importance.
Selling part of my stock tax free now.
Sell part/all of my stock tax-free within 10 years.
Buy out other shareholder with tax-deductible money.
Increasing the value of the stock that I keep.
Increase employee incentive and productivity.
Cut corporate taxes and increase cash flow.
Capitialzation for corporate growth or acquisition.


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