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Thank you for taking the time to log on to our website to obtain FEES AT A GLANCE. The purpose of this page is to provide you with a close estimate of the Annual Administration Fees for your plan if you should decide to transfer your plan to us.

This feature of our website can also be used to help you exercise your Fiduciary responsibility to KNOW the full COSTS of operating your qualified retirements plan(s).  We strongly encourage you and your financial advisors or broker to use it as a benchmarking tool  to help satisfy your due diligence under the new Fee Disclosure requirements under  IRC 408(b)(2). 

One special note about our fee structure:  PyraStar is an independent TPA and consulting firm.   We work directly with ALL investment platforms, financial advisors, wealth managers,  and brokers.   Our fees are based solely on a set Fee Schedule and any revenue sharing is used to directly reduce your annual administration TPA fees.   Our independence allows us to always offer objective analyses and recommendations that are always in your best interests.  In addition, we believe strongly in fee transparency and full disclosure and have historically demonstrated this business practice long before it ever received any media or government attention.

To give you a realistic and ACCURATE estimate, please answer some basic questions about your plan. Your responses will be forwarded immediately to a benefit expert, who will then email you our FEES AT A GLANCE outlining the annual costs.

ALL of the information that you provide to us is COMPLETELY CONFIDENTIAL. It will be used ONLY to analyze YOUR plan needs and to provide cost estimates for our services directly to YOU!

You CAN find quality pension services at affordable prices these days!! We hope that you will consider these few moments that you are taking out of YOUR busy day today to be worthwhile in cutting your benefit costs in the long run.

If you have a need for in-depth information we'll be happy to answer your specific questions. Contact Us

Plan Name:
What type of plan(s)? If you have multiple plans, please indicate the type of each.
How many eligible participants?
How many eligible participants are actually participating?
Who is the plan trustee?
If your plan has any participant directed accounts, please describe.
If any investments are Participant Directed, how many Investment Options does the plan offer?
If any assets are invested and directed by the Plan Trustee, please give a general description of those assets, i.e. company stock, mutual funds, etc.
Is your company privately held or publicly traded?
How often is your plan administered? If more than 1 plan, explain below.
How many plan distributions do you typically have in a year?
Please describe any other pertinent information about the assets in your plan. Please include information clarifying any of the above questions.
Please provide ANY other information about your plan that you feel is important for smooth operation.
Is there any specific concern you have about the operation of your plan or legal compliance issues?

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