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Summer August 2012 Retirement Reform; Many Americans have no retirement savings-Federal Reserve survey; Economists Say 401(k) Plan Loan Policy Shapes Borrowing
Spring August 2012 It's time to adopt Restated Pre-approved DC Plans; Maintaining Your Retirement Plan Records; Solo 401k News; What to consider when hiring an employee benefit plan auditor; Report Finds ESOPs Have Outperformed S&P 500
March August 2012 Upcoming Deadlines & Other Important Alerts
Winter August 2012 Five Ways Employers Can Improve Their 401ks; What to Consider When Hiring an Employee Benefit Plan Auditor – JOURNAL OF ACCOUNTANCY
Fall August 2012 Form 5500 Filing Deadline, October is Employee Ownership Month!, Missing Participants or Beneficiaries, Client Corner
June August 2012 New Two-Year Period to Adopt Restated Pre-approved DC Plans; Participant Fee Disclosure; New Bill Introduced to Encourage ESOPs; Supreme Court ESOP Decision a Disappointing Mish-Mash
April August 2012 Universal, Secure, and Adaptable (USA) Retirement Funds Act of 2014; Guest Speaker. Kevin Jennings: Owner/Officer Compensation – When to Adjust
February August 2012 "QSAT" or Questionnaire Self-Audit Tool; President Obama launches the MyRA plan at annual State of the Union Speech; Don't be unprepared for a DOL Audit of your Title I ERISA plan; Fiduciary Alert HARDSHIP WITHDRAWALS
December August 2012 Year-end Administration Package; Workplace retirement plan participants may be more open to plan reforms...; Six Things Employers Need to Know about Managing Their 401(k) Plans;Saver's Credit Helps Low - and Moderate - Income Workers Save for Retirement
Mid-Qtr August 2012 Participant Fee Deadline; Aon Hewitt Report Shows Record-High Participation in DC Plans; How to reduce employee cravings for 401(k) loans
1st Qtr August 2012 Pt. 2 Study Finds Middle Class Americans...; Ten things your 401(k) wants you to know
December August 2012 Study Finds Middle Class Americans Teeter on Edge of Retirement Cliff
August August 2012 408(b)(2) Regulation Update, What's the Real Cost of Your 401k Plan?
April April 2012 [Cont.] Special Edition: Exciting In-House News and Special 2012 Fiduciary Alerts
February Feb 2012 Special Edition: Exciting In-House News and Special 2012 Fiduciary Alerts
December Sept 2011 Dec.'11 & Jan. '12 Deadlines, Partial Plan Termination
October Sept 2011 Employee Ownership, Pro-ESOP Bill Introduced in Senate
September Sept 2011 Six Ways to Limit Your Chances of a Visit from the DOL, Do's & Don'ts of Hardship Distributions
May/June March2011 Five Things You Must Be Aware of as a Plan Fiduciary, ERISA Section 404(a)(5), Self-Employed Should Go Solo 401k
May March2011 New IRS Form, Fiduciary Duty & 401(k) Deposits
March March2011 Internal Roth Conversions
November November2010 Individual Responsibility Changes
October October2010 Real Solutions for the Rising Cost of Health Insurance - Part III
September Dec07 E-Fast 2 Is Here, Healthcare Reform Act, Changes in Capital Gains Rates
June Dec07 E-Fast 2, 401(k) Compliance, Healthcare Reform Act, HIRE Act
April Dec07 E-Fast 2 & Tax Credits
January Dec07 Erisa Fidelity Bonds and Recurring Deadlines
February Dec07 Mergers & Acquisitions and 401(k) Is For the Long-Term
March Dec07 70 1/2 Distribution Suspension and 401(k) Refunds
April Dec07 Updating Your Plan & Fiduciary Responsibility
May Dec07 Eliminating the Safe Harbor & Delinquent Plan Contributions
June Dec07 Distribution Policy & 401(k) Plan Reform
November Dec07 Required Minimum Distribution (RMD) News
January Dec07 What's Due in Early 2008 and Time To Send In Your Data
February Nov07 Special Consideration for ESOP Distributions and LaRue V. Dewolff, et. al.
March Oct07 Know Your Plan and Pryastar Acquires PASS
April Sep07 Timely Deposits and Know What You're Signing
May Aug07 ESOP Feasibility and Retirment Plan Legislation
June Jul07 Borrowing From Your Own Account and We Are Your Advisor
July Jun07 Tax Rates & ESOPs and Seven Days To Deposit
August May07 Preventative Medicine and Heart Act
September Apr07 Retirement Plans During Tough Times and What is the Best Plan Design?
October Mar07 Plans In Not-For-Profit Companies and 2009 Maximums Announced
November Feb07 Retirement Plans & The Election
December Jan07 Eliminating 2009 Safe Harbor and Pension Relief Bill
January Dec07 Welcome to 2007 and Don't Forget
February Nov07 Fiduciary Investment Review and ESOP Administration
March Oct07 Benefit Statements and Seminar Season
April Sep07 How Much Is Being Paid? and Vesting Reminder
May Aug07 The New Safe Harbor 401(K) and Don't Forget Our Website
June Jul07 Form 5500 Revisited
July Jun07 Returning Military and The audit
August May07 The PyraStar Website: A Great Resource and Labor Day & Upcoming Events
September Apr07 End of Year Planning and Beneficiary Designation
October Mar07 Participant Certificates and 2008 Maximums Announced
November Feb07 401(k) and ESOP and Starting a New Retirement Plan
December Jan07 What's a QDIA? Why Do I Care? and Happy New Year
February The 401(k) Test and ESOP Diversification Notices
March 1-Person Retirement Plans and Sell Your Company & Keep It
April Partial Plan Termination and Off-Calendar Plans
May ESOP Diversification and Distribution Tax
June Don't Forget the 5500 and Correcting an Error
July TPA Value and Updated 401(k) Regulations
August Pension Protection Act
September Protection Required and Who is a Fiduciary?
October Communicate the Plan and 2007 Maximums Announced
November Closing 2006 and Opening 2007
December Reminders and Happy New Year

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