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We are proven leaders in developing and providing qualified PyraStar Pension Group, Inc. services nationwide!

For information on the feasibility of setting up a qualifed plan for your company or enhancing an existing plan, simply complete the CONFIDENTIAL information below. Your response will immediately be sent to our plan design experts, and someone will be in touch with you shortly.

In addition, we encourage you to use other  features of our website to help you exercise your Fiduciary responsibility to KNOW the full COSTS of operating your qualified retirements plan(s).  Use Fees at a Glance as a benchmarking tool  to help satisfy your due diligence under the new Fee Disclosure requirements under  IRC 408(b)(2). 

One special note about our fee structure:  PyraStar is an independent TPA and consulting firm.   We work directly with ALL investment platforms, financial advisors, wealth managers,  and brokers.   Our fees are based solely on a set Fee Schedule and any revenue sharing is used to directly reduce your annual administration TPA fees.   Our independence allows us to always offer objective analyses and recommendations that are always in your best interests.  In addition, we believe strongly in fee transparency and full disclosure and have historically demonstrated this business practice long before it ever received any media or government attention.

If you have a need for in-depth information we'll be happy to answer your specific questions. Contact Us

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Providing competitive and affordable benefits to attract/retain quality employees & increase incentives and productivity.
Capitalization for corporate growth or acquisition
Designing an EXIT strategy or business succession plan for current owners.
We are interested in finding quality plan administration & consulting services with competitive prices for the qualified plans we sponsor.
Our current plan is not working the way we envisioned. Need to re-evaluate our benefit objectives and plan operation.
We need an ERISA expert to coordinate and oversee the Reporting and Compliance requirements of our plan(s).
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