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Getting there means reading the plan document, determining eligibility, allocating contributions and other factors, reconciling trust assets, discrimination testing and all reporting and disclosure.

Is it that simple? Maybe, but the details to examine include:

  • Are there excludable employees?
  • Does participation and entry vary?
  • How are contributions allocated?
  • Is there a 1042 transaction?
  • What is the definition of compensation?

PyraStar Pension Group, Inc. keeps going where others stop:

  • Performing all compliance testing
  • Protecting the fiduciaries
  • Preparing signature-ready Forms 5500
  • Calculating vesting
  • Determining availability for loans and hardships
  • Expertise, independent of the assets.

The tests to insure compliance vary from plan to plan.

Here are some basics that will help you determine if your plan is in compliance:

Click on the IRC Code Section to see the details.

401(a)(4) and 410(b) coverage testing
401(k) employee deferral test
401(m) employee match test
404 deduction limitations
409 ESOP limitation
415 annual additions testing
416 top heavy testing
1042 selling shareholder requirements
409(p) Anti-abuse requirements

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