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Other types of plans have been subject to complicated legal compliance for many years, but 403(b) plans have only become increasingly regulated in the past few years.

Because of our years of experience with fiduciary compliance issues and our  hands-on expertise, PyraStar Pension Group, Inc. is ready and extremely capable of helping 403(b) plan sponsors transition into their new world of compliance, reporting, and disclosure requirements.    

The service needs of a 403(b) plan are varied but from an operational perspective, are usually similar to the needs of a 401(k) plan. 

Disclosure requirements and fee transparency issues are extremely important to all plan fiduciaries, but plan trustee due diligence in this area may be more intensely scrutinized in not-for-profit organizations for budget purposes, funding opportunities and government grants, as well as qualified plan compliance under new regulations.

Click here for an IRS 403(b) Checklist.  

PyraStar Pension Group, Inc. offers comprehensive Third-Party Administration (TPA), Consulting, and Plan Document Maintenance services for ALL types and sizes of retirement plans. Below is a SUMMARY of some of our most commonly used services.  If YOU don't see what you are looking for, please contact us through this website.

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