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Based on years of experience, we believe that the mutual benefits of an employee benefit plan can only be maximized by consistent and enthusiastic communication about the plan to Employees by their Employer. 

PyraStar staff provides customized employee meetings for all types of plans and all types of events, including new plan "Roll Out" events and Annual Enrollment meetings. We are also available to  co-present at employee meetings with your investment advisor to help motivate employees to understand the importance of  saving for retirement, tax consequences,  investment strategy, and to appreciate their benefit packages. 

We will work with you in a variety of creative ways to determine the most effective and productive means of encouraging your employees to work individually and as team players toward corporate success in a positive workplace.    

In addition to our customized Employee Communication services, we also offer some other special and unique things, such as:

  • Providing comparable Internet access and services  to participants of smaller plans that are generally only available to larger plans through investment and insurance companies.

  • Providing an avenue of communication to employees from their Employers via third-party internet access or a call center

  • Preparing and processing confidential participant pass-through voting instructions

  • Individual retirement benefit projections

PyraStar Pension Group, Inc. offers comprehensive Third-Party Administration (TPA), Consulting, and Plan Document Maintenance services for ALL types and sizes of retirement plans. Below is a SUMMARY of some of our most commonly used services.  If YOU don't see what you are looking for, please contact us through this website.

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Employee Communications

"Know Obligation" ESOP Repurchase Studies

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Transfer of Existing Plans

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