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One of the most valuable benefits of working with PyraStar for your ESOP services is that our expertise is not limited to just the details of TPA recordkeeping and compliance – We strive to build a true partnership with our clients to help your company grow.   We work with management and authorized staff to always maximize the benefits of your ESOP, to use it in its financial "super-tool" capacity, and integrating it with other corporate growth strategies.  

In addition to the general administration requirements of all Qualified pension plans, ESOP's have their own special personalities and quirks (otherwise known as Section 409 and 4975 compliance).   Though sometimes more complicated than other types of plans, our professional staff has more than 30 years of experience in dealing in-depth with all aspects of ESOP - both S and C-Corporations, leveraged and non-leveraged plans, public and privately-held companies. 

Some of the special needs of an ESOP that are always included in our Annual Administration and on-going Consulting services are:

  • Annual preliminary analysis of compensation limits

  • Preliminary maximum Contribution calculation based on the above analysis.

  • Calculating safe harbor contributions for KSOP's or separate 401plans that have their safe harbor provisions in the ESOP.

  • Annual S-Corp analyses under IRC 409(p) restrictions

  • Aggregate IRS 404, 415, and Top Heavy Testing of all plans of the company  

  • Tracking the Cost Basis all shares of stock allocated to the plan.

  • Prepare Release Schedules for leveraged ESOP's

  • Prepare customized Stock Distribution/Put Option documents as required

  • Determine Diversification eligibility, tracking eligible diversification amounts, and preparation of required notification

  • Characterizations of transaction "components" to assure appropriate allocations, maximum tax advantages, and legal compliance,

  • Fair Market Value allocation compliance with ESOP dividends or S-Corporation distributions used to repay an ESOP loan.

  • Allocations of Stock Dividends and/or Stock Splits

  • Addressing Voting Rights issues

PyraStar Pension Group, Inc. offers comprehensive Third-Party Administration (TPA), Consulting, and Plan Document Maintenance services for ALL types and sizes of retirement plans. Below is a SUMMARY of some of our most commonly used services.  If YOU don't see what you are looking for, please contact us through this website.

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