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PyraStar's "Know Costs" Benchmarking Cost Analysis is an INDEPENDENT, comparative analysis of overall plan costs including (but not limited to):

  • Broker fees & commissions

  • Asset & investment fees

  • Administration fees

  • Valuation Fees 

When do you need PyraStar's "Know Costs" Benchmarking Cost Analysis?

  • When you are setting up a plan and looking for a practical method to compare an industry of investment providers.

  • When you are not happy with your plan's investment platform or want to change it for any reason.

  • If you are a plan Fiduciary, it is your responsibility to KNOW the overall plan costs to the company and to the participants.

  • Periodic analyses of overall plan costs provides a "hard copy" demonstration of Fiduciary due diligence. 

PyraStar Pension Group, Inc. offers comprehensive Third-Party Administration (TPA), Consulting, and Plan Document Maintenance services for ALL types and sizes of retirement plans. Below is a SUMMARY of some of our most commonly used services.  If YOU don't see what you are looking for, please contact us through this website.

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