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Included in Annual Base Fee for all plan administration contracts at no additional costs!

  • Provide EASY and confidential transfer of data and information via electronic or other preferred access.

  • Timely updates and notification regarding legal changes, limits, and compliance.

  • Consult with committee on required or recommended changes of the plan documents or plan operations.

  • Consult with committee regarding actual or proposed plan transactions.

  • Consult directly with other in-house and third-party representatives (accountants, attorneys, independent appraisers etc.) to provide comprehensive analyses of corporate objectives.

  • Consult with IRS or DOL on related plan issues.

  • Pro-forma discrimination testing as needed.

  • Unlimited phone inquiries by authorized plan representatives including audit assistance.

PyraStar Pension Group, Inc. offers comprehensive Third-Party Administration (TPA), Consulting, and Plan Document Maintenance services for ALL types and sizes of retirement plans. Below is a SUMMARY of some of our most commonly used services.  If YOU don't see what you are looking for, please contact us through this website.

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Types of Plans

General Plan Administration

On-going Consulting Services

Plan Implementation


401(k) Plans

403(b) Plans

Plan Document Maintenance


Employee Communications

"Know Obligation" ESOP Repurchase Studies

"Know Cost" Benchmarking Cost Analyses

Transfer of Existing Plans

Other Services

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